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Journey Groups at THUMC


The Journey of Faith is a fun ride,

Don’t go it alone!

Journey Groups are small groups of friends that come together for conversation and study.  They are designed on the premise that God didn’t design us to live in isolation.  We all need a close group of friends to encourage us, help us guard our hearts, and claim the lives that God created us to have.

Journey Groups may decide to go through a bible study, a book study or video series.  On some occasions the group may decide to simply gather for a meal, a mission project, or some other activity.

Regardless of the activity or resources selected, all Journey Groups share a common purpose and that is to help people grow in their relationship with God while also growing closer to each other.

Leaders:  A Journey Group leader agrees to invite a group of friends together to form a group.  He/she decides when and where the group will meet and works with the pastor to select a book or study for the group.  After the group forms, Journey Group Leaders serve as facilitators more than teachers.  He/she simply helps the group stay focused and moving forward.

Size / Make up of Groups:  Up to 6 men or women or 3-4 couples if the group is for married couples.  Groups are intentionally kept small so that members will feel comfortable sharing.

Location:  Each group decides whether to meet at the church, offsite in homes or at another location.

Frequency / Length of Gatherings:  Each group decides how often to meet and how long each gathering will last.  Groups choose to meet on whatever day and time that is convenient.  They can meet weekly, every other week or even monthly.  Typically group gatherings last 1 hour to 1 ½ hours.

Duration:  Journey Groups are designed to be short term study groups.  Groups originally commit to meet together for 12 weeks.  At the end of this period, the leader talks with the group to consider whether to continue for another 12 week session or to disband.

Resources:  Group leaders are encouraged to talk with the pastor and those joining the group to select the resource to use (i.e., bible study, book, video series).

How Groups Form:

1)   Someone volunteers to lead a group by contacting the Pastor.

2)   A resource and meeting time/place is selected.

3)   The leader invites 5-6 friends or 3-4 married couples to take part.

Want to lead a group?

Contact Rev. Jay Tenney for more details on how to make it happen at 770-846-9648 / 706-673-4022 or [email protected]

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